Your Choice of Cologne and What it Tells Women About You

Remember that smell is one of our five core senses so impressing women with your choice of cologne is important


Many times you will find that a woman is giving you more of her attention than normal. She is smiling at you more, showing more interest in your conversation and you obviously feel more confident about yourself which only makes you more attractive. What you may not realise, is that part of the seduction that occurred may have been down your choice of cologne and the allure of the scent you were emitting.

Here are 5 popular colognes and what they may be telling women about you;

1) I Am Power


One Million by Paco Rabanne is a strong,powerful and distinctive fragrance that normally indicates a sense of power and high self confidence. For the man that wants to announce his presence and show that he means business.

2) Touch of Youth


This choice of cologne normally indicates a playful attitude and a hint of mischief. This definitely carries a unique charm to it and would normally let a woman know that she is in for a fun time full of playful jokes. You are not likely get conversations about politics with the wearer of this scent.

3) Fear? What’s That?


Ok so you know that guy that will just head straight to the dance floor and start busting out moves as soon as he walks in the party? This is probably the scent that will be following him. If this is your choice of cologne, it indicates that you are a risk taker and don’t let fear interfere with your decision making.

4) The Born Rebel


Not one for rules and for being obedient. A hint of rude boy in him but still smart enough to know how to treat a woman. There are not many that can pull off this cologne but if you have the courage to wear it, then you have a sense of trouble that will appeal to a lot of women.

5) Mr Ambitious


If your choice of cologne is Girl by Pharrell Williams, this indicates that you are full of ambition and have a positive outlook on most situations that life throw your way. You will never know what to expect with this type of personality but you can be assured that all they will want is the best for the woman.

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