“We’re not in a relationship so it shouldn’t be a problem that I’m dating other women”

Dating Other WomenWell at least that’s the theory but it never really works out that way in reality does it. It seems that even  if you’re honest from the get go, when things start moving along and emotions begin to plant seeds in the heart of a woman, you better believe that there will be a problem that you are seeing other ladies.

In many cases though, we find that men struggle with this situation because they are not open and honest with the women they are pursuing from the start. By that we mean, if the woman doesn’t ask the question directly “Are you seeing other women?”, we like to assume that she already knows this and is comfortable with it. While this is a fair assumption in these modern times, we would always advise top be forthcoming with the fact that you might be dating other women.

Volunteering this information empowers the woman and puts her in a better position to make an informed choice about whether or not she wants to pursue anything with you before she gets in too deep. Although to be fair, this could be from the first date!

What we have to understand as men is that dating is a gamble and for women the risk feels a lot higher if the man is already dating other women. Yes she might want to be comfortable with it but if she knows that there’s competition then it would definitely encourage the woman to be more upfront about her feelings….which of course is a great thing for the both of you. Here are a few reasons why you should always let a lady know that you are dating other women;

  • It’s the gentleman thing to do to be open and honest and of course, we like to promote that.
  • You are more likely to see the ‘real’ version of the woman once she knows this information
  • If you are serious about a relationship, you will know is she is in a similar place faster so you don’t waste each others’ time
  • Wouldn’t you like it if she told you she was dating other men?

The answer to the question is of course no. No woman should get mad if you are courting other ladies at the same time as her as dating does not equate to exclusivity but we should understand why it can be a bit of a sore point and try to be a bit more sensitive with the way we approach it. There’s definitely no need for us to react with anger in a situation like this.

Dating can be a tricky thing. On the one hand you want to be carefree and enjoy as many different experiences with as many people as possible but when you want to transition to something serious, the more people you’re dating, the more relationships you’ll have to end…..so choose your next move wisely

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