I Think She Cheated on Me but She Won’t Confess

Ok, so the reason I think she cheated on me is that she has a friend that is notorious for sleeping with women, even those in relationships, and they have been really close recently. They’ve been friends before we were in a relationship and she swears nothing has ever happened.

Recently, however, he has been spending a lot more time at our place because he is a handyman and she normally calls him when anything goes wrong. That’s fair, as I’m not handy around the house, but I can’t help but feel like something is going on between them. I feel like if I ask her the question though, she might go crazy on me for even thinking that. What should I do?

That is a tricky situation. I understand that you’re worried that she won’t confess but it sounds like you have no proof that she cheated on you.

If I’m honest, it sounds a little like paranoia that is not rooted in anything tangible. Your suspicion seems to be based more on the fact that you see this friend as a threat but if she’s already assured you that she’s not interested in him.

You are in a relationship with her so will have to learn to trust her. At the end of the day, he was around before you. If she wanted to be with him, she would be with him. Unless you have a more concrete reason to think that something is going on, I would recommend keeping your suspicions to yourself.

Vocalising that mistrust to her may cause irreversible damage to your relationship and from what you’ve said, it doesn’t seem to be worth it at the moment.

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