We bring you 10 pieces of relationship advice to help you strengthen that bond with the special someone in your life


1. Always Remember Fun

Immaturity can be such a crucial ingredient in a successful relationship. Being able to be playful with each other and not being afraid to laugh at yourself is healthy and has been rumoured to be somewhat of an aphrodisiac. Time to plan your next prank.

2. Your Lover = Your Best Friend

People sometimes find it hard to believe that there is some unwritten relationship rule that your partner can’t be your best friend. What a load of hogwash. Make your lover your best friend and watch your relationship go from strength to strength.

3. Let the Flame Burn

We’re not saying that be buzzing around like you’ve just drunk 10 cups of coffee all the time but there should be some level of excitement when you see the love of your life even if you live with and see them all the time. If you don’t light up when you see them, then you have some evaluating to do.

4. Who’s Number One?

This should go without saying when it comes to relationship advice, this is a fairly common rule. Put your partner first or at least very close to it. This just means to think of them often. If you’re grabbing a quick meal on your way home, get them their favourite takeaway as well.

5. Good Old Sacrifice

Love will demand this of you. In the beginning, you will do this without question. In fact, you probably won’t even notice all the sacrifices you’re making. As the relationship grows though, there is a tendency to stop sacrificing and start complaining. Be mindful of this and always be prepared to give up going out with your friends every once in a while to spend some quality time together.

6. Stand in Awe

Appreciation and gratitude is another popular rule when it comes to relationship advice and for good reason too. Highlighting your partners’ good qualities often will not only make them feel better but will help you to remember the reason why you chose them in the first place.

7. Your Working Out is Working Out

Following the appreciation factor of course comes the compliment. Shower them with genuine compliments. Don’t just make up stuff that means nothing but use your imagination if you need to in order to find a way to compliment something you may have commented on before.

8. What’s that?

Being spontaneous never hurts! Turn up at the house dressed as a Storm Trooper. Buy a set of water guns and set up a water gun fight. Hire a limo to pick up your partner after work and drop them home. The more random, the more memorable.

9. Let little Things Go

This little pearl of wisdom of relationship advice is passed on from the older and wiser among us. It tends to be that in the later years you realise that half, no wait, 90% of the things that you fought about and made so important in your relationship…. don’t really matter. It’s hard to have this perspective when you’re in the heat of the moment, but if you can gain perspective, remember that all that matter is love and happiness. Let everything else go

10. Back To One

This is the only reason why we’ll allow you not to put your partner first. You are a vital part of the relationship as well and as such, deserve as much of the attention that you give to your partner. Just remember to try and maintain a balance but keep your eyes on your needs.


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