Struggling to get any results with your online search for love? These 10 online dating tips for men might help.

Online Dating Tips for MenThese online dating tips for men will come in handy for both rookies and veterans alike. Online dating is nothing new. Many of us have been there and at the same time, many of us have walked away without feeling like the time and effort invested was was worth it.

It’s that frustration that has led us to create this list of tips that we hope would improve your next online dating experience if you ever decide to venture there again.


10 – Avoid rubbish sites

The Internet is full of lousy dating sites, some of which actually create fake female profiles in order to beef up their member base. You should be able to tell these sites by the generic nature of the information on the profiles and by the pictures as well.

Men sign up for accounts on these low-budget sites, send out a bunch of emails, and of course, they get very few (or none) back. It might cost a bit more to join the more established sites but you will get a better experience.

9 – Show some resilience

Most men don’t realise how rare it is to get a response from the emails that you send out to women on online dating sites. This could be for any number of reasons such as the women are being pursued by many potential mates and just doesn’t have the time to go through the emails or maybe they have multiple accounts on many sites and are finding hard to manage. On average, you can expect to get one out of every 10 emails back, and that’s if you’re good.

Don’t expect overnight success, you will have to try hard to keep going and not take the lack of response personally.

8 – Be brief but clear

As you can imagine, attractive women on these dating sites get dozens of emails a day, and they just don’t have time to read them all. Your chances of getting a response will be low if your email is too long and not interesting. Unless you have a mastery of the English language similar to that of Shakespeare, get too the point quickly.

7 – Think like a tabloid

This is one of my favourite online dating tips for men as it really gets the creative juices flowing. Now, thinking about how many emails these women get and how they would eliminate a lot of them just by the headline, it’s time to start coming up with some catchy headlines for your emails. The same way some of these tabloids write clever headlines that get our attention, you have to try and use that skill with your emails.

Headlines like: “Hi” or “What’s up?” or “Like your profile.” are definitely unlikely to get opened.

6 – Work on your profile

This shouldn’t really be a dating tip for men as it should go without saying that your profile should look good. The same way you spend the time to dress the part in the real world, you have to apply this attitude to the online space. Your profile should talk about what you’re looking for and some of your interests. By all means, please avoid complaining about their past negative experiences or talking about what you don’t want. Women are not looking to take on a man who is still hung up on his baggage.

5 – Picture perfect

We know that it’s all about the visual in this day and age, at least to break the ice. The Internet is full of scammers who normally only have one picture on their profile, so it’s a common belief among experienced online daters that one-picture profiles are not the real deal. Make sure you have a few photos up that show different sides of your personality.

Try and avoid pictures where you have your shirt off or where you have a drink in your hand. Have a few pictures of you and your friends to show that you have a life….and please, no fake pictures or lying about your age, weight or height.

4 – Keep your cool

Even though we should all be gentlemen, we have to include this as one of the online dating tips for men as we sometimes lose sight of our standards. If a woman doesn’t email you back right away, don’t send her a nasty email whatever you think the reason is. Instead, send ONE polite follow-up and then move on.

As we said before, women get a lot of emails online, and many of them will respond to persistence, but if you’re nasty, you blow your chances straight away. Just be sure to send only one follow-up though. We do not endorse cyberstalking.

3 – Did you read my profile?

Women hate getting generic emails, which don’t mention anything about their profile. This is like them talking to you for ten minutes and you not remembering their name. Yes, it will take you some time because you have to send out a lot of emails, but read their profiles and make an interesting comment about something they said.

If you can’t be bothered to do this, you’re wasting your time writing.

2 – Pump those brakes

Most men find a profile that they like and decide that they’re interested in the woman already…. Really!? You don’t know anything about her and she knows this as well. If you express too much interest too soon, it just shows that you are likely to be a shallow person which is not attractive. Your initial email should be sent with the intention of getting to know more about her.

1 – Don’t get too comfortable

Online dating sites are a great place to meet women, but they’re a terrible place to build a relationship. Once you meet someone you’re interested in and you can see that this feeling is reciprocated, don’t let any more than three emails go by before you ask for a phone number.

Let her know that you want to get together offline as this is the whole point of connecting online. Interactions in person are the only way to tell if there is any chemistry there; anything else could end up being a complete waste of time.

We hope these 10 Online Dating Tips for Men will help you improve your online dating experience and hopefully get you that special woman you’re looking for.


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