Make Small Talk Sexy, It’s Easier that You Think

Learn how to Make Small Talk Sexy and make your conversations powerful enough to attract women


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In this programme, you will learn how to create more fun, flirtatious, and “sexual” conversations with women. Make Small Talk Sexy will give you all the skills and techniques you need to improve your ability to talk with and impress women.

1. What are some of the major mistakes guys make in their conversations?

These days some guys spend way too much time trying to appear cool to women and wind up coming across as stiff and boring. Attraction is a balancing act between tension and comfort and a lot of the guys who get stuck in the friend zone are so afraid of the tension that they spend way too much time building rapport thinking it will make the woman like them…..  – And it will… as a FRIEND.

2. How can a guy avoid awkward silences and “running out of things to say?

By calling out the ‘elephant in the room’ and saying what you’re both thinking… it demonstrates that you are socially intelligent.  And social intelligence is extremely attractive to a woman. Women fear awkwardness even more than men do… so by showing a woman you have enough social intelligence not to let things get awkward… teaching how to make small talk appealing you become a lot more attractive in her eyes.

3. How can you calm your nervousness while talking to a woman?

The quickest and most reliable way to calm nervousness is to develop an intention.
Fear, nervousness, and anxiety stem from not knowing what to do. You see, once you know what your next move is you have no time to worry about it and that’s where Make Small Talk Sexy can help. You just do it. The problem is most guys have no clue what they are supposed to be doing. And even worse, they have no clue what the ultimate result is they are after.

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