I’ve been sleeping with my good friend’s girlfriend and now I don’t know if it’s lust or love

Is it Lust or LoveBefore I begin, please don’t judge me. I know it’s wrong of me to have me to have done this and I obviously had no intention of being such a shitty friend but this just happened. We all used to hang out as couples back when I had a girlfriend of my own and there was never really any signs of chemistry between us.

It was only after I broke up with my girlfriend, completely unrelated, and she was consoling me that one thing led to another. Since that time, we’ve slept together a couple of times and it’s amazing. She says she’s in love with my friend and doesn’t want to leave him but now my feelings for her have grown and I don’t know whether it’s lust or love.

So you kinda took the wind out of my sail there when you started off by saying don’t judge you…..Only kidding, that’s not what we’re here for. Life will challenge us all at some point and sometimes we can all fall short of what we want to be.

What I’m curious about is what difference does it make whether what you’re feeling is lust or love? Do you plan on pursuing a relationship with her if it is love? That would probably mean you lose the relationship with your friend. Plus as she’s saying that she’s in love with him and not interested in leaving him, you can’t count on her loyalty either. What you should be pondering now is whether to tell your friend or not. Whether it’s lust or love is an irrelevant consideration given the circumstance.

You really need to consider how important this girl is to your friend, how much does he value her loyalty (and yours of course), and whether you have the strength to stay away from her if they remain together. It’s not as simple as saying honesty is always the best policy here but you need to give some serious consideration to your next step.

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