Feel Like I’m Losing Interest in the Relationship

I’ve been with my girlfriend for 18 months. In the beginning, it was really exciting. We started living together and it was so romantic. While we still get on well and enjoy each other’s company I feel like we are so busy with work and doing up our flat that we are in danger of drifting apart and I’m losing interest in the relationship. I know we need to focus more on our relationship but this feels forced and awkward and if I’m honest – quite boring. Any idea how we can reconnect?

Hmmm, this is an interesting one. Firstly because 18 months is really not that long so for you to be losing interest in the relationship to the point where things feel forced is not a good sign at all. It feels like there may be something else underlining how you’re feeling but that’s for you to know.

You see if you were truly in love and connected, to begin with, then things, like being busy with work and doing up your flat, would not cause boredom, but excitement as it means you are laying the foundations for a future together. The fact that you’re bored and disconnected would indicate that you’re not really keen on building a future with your girlfriend.

Losing Interest in the Relationship after 18 months, from my perspective, is a sign that you’re just not really into your partner and at this stage, I would save her time and yours by suggesting that you walk away. Be nice of course but not sure what flowers would help in this situation.

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