We know that Flowers can make you feel great but did you know sex can make you look and feel younger?

Dr Kat Van Kirk is a licensed marriage and sex therapist and resident and according to her research, sex and orgasms do more than boost your confidence, it can make you look and feel younger.

A little bit of bedroom activity has also been proven to help enhance beauty.

Dr Van Kirk explains that the act of lovemaking can act as a great anti-ageing agent.

“Sex has numerous benefits for women. In addition to creating a sense of well-being and happiness, which can make you feel more beautiful and confident inside and out, a healthy and active sex life can also work to promote additional hydrating and moisturising of your skin, helping you tone and look and feel younger.”

Here are just a few of the ways cited that a little romantic interaction with your partner can work wonders.

That Beautiful After Glow.

It’s quite obvious that sex increases your heart rate, but as a result, it can also boost the blood circulation throughout your entire body. “This creates that sexy after-sex glow we all love along with fuller lips and less noticeable wrinkles right after sex,” Dr Van Kirk pointed out.

Happy Sex Life, Happy Skin.

An orgasm releases serotonin and DHEA. Both of these create a sense of well-being and happiness, which can make you feel more beautiful and confident and of course, this will have an effect on how you look. The power of the mind is never to be underestimated.

  • Fuller Cleavage. “If you’re self-conscious about your bra size, know that having sex will increase your breast size by 25% during and immediately following the act,” Dr Van Kirk noted. Next time you want to look that little bit sexier in your new dress, you know what to do before you put it on.
  • Keeps You Fit & Tone. Well, this should go without saying but of course, some extra bedtime activity can also help you stay active. “Sex involves physical activity and muscle contractions that help keep you toned too,” she explained.

Well, I think Dr Van Kirk has equipped men with a very advantageous tool with this revelation. When it comes down to it, all women want to look and feel younger so if she needs a little encouragement, you’re welcome J