One of the most challenging experiences for lovers is a long distance relationship but there are with the right approach, love can survive.

Long distance relationships

If there is one thing that doesn’t change about life, it’s how unpredictable it can be. There are many things that can appear when you least expect that can put some distance between you and your lover. From your career to your education or even families can sometimes force a couple to stay apart.

The thought of not having any physical intimacy with the one you love is total torture but every dark cloud has a silver lining. Long distance relationships give couples a chance to learn exactly how important they are to each other and the value that they bring to their lives.

It’s about learning to go the extra mile whenever you can. Communication should never be taken for granted in a relationship but it becomes an even more vital element in making things work.

So if your relationship has been thrown across the deep blue sea, here are a few tips to keep the boat afloat.

1) Utilise Technology: 

There have been leaps and bounds made in terms of technological advancement so use it to your advantage. From email to text messages to video calling over the internet. You can see and speak to each other all the time but try not to get too carried away. Remember there is the benefit in allowing the distance part of the long-distance relationships to take effect.

2) Avoid trust issues:

Of course, trust is a key factor in any relationship but more so in a long distance one. Loyalty and honesty are the best gifts you can give to your partner and reinforce now that there’s distance between. No matter how hard it may appear to be, you should always find the strength to speak the truth to each other.

3) Keep the lover in the loop: 

Speaking the truth becomes easier when you learn to share things. Your thoughts, your experiences, details about people you meet. Also,  sweet nothings, good morning and good night messages and thinking-of-you mails will definitely help to keep each other connected to the love.

4) Tone down the expectation:

Things will become easier for the both of you if you understand each other’s priorities right and learn to not expect much. Be mature enough to understand that your partner might be busy when you are free or vice-versa. Try not to let unanswered calls or delayed text replies plant any seeds of frustration. While communication is probably the most important thing in long distance relationships, missed communication doesn’t have to be a crisis.

5) Manage the conflicts: 

There will be issues, everybody has them, so learn to recognise and destroy them early. When things are not so good, give each other the benefit of the doubt. There can be times when being agitated is only natural; however, wisdom lies in handling situations patiently and carefully. Step into your partner’s shoes and try to find out where it bites.

6) Send Flowers:

Send them often, but not too often as you don’t want the novelty to wear off. Get creative with the reasons you send them as well. Celebrate your kissaversary, mention a quirk that you miss or just say hello.

Long distance relationships can be tough but love is tougher. Hopefully, these rules can help you keep the ship on course.

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