A Study has found that Men eat more food when they are trying to figure out how to impress women

It seems to be the main thing that motivates men to get out of bed. Even making money, ultimately most men only do that to eventually grab the attention of the opposite sex. What has been overlooked until recently though, when it comes to how to impress women, eating massive quantities of food is another way that men innately try to show off to the female sex.

A study of 133 adults (74 males and 59 females) by Cornell University found that men consume a considerable amount more food when they are in the company of women.
The kind if food available is not a factor either – it was found that not only did men eat 93% more pizza when dining with a female than when with another man, but they also ate 86% more salad.

“These findings suggest that men tend to overeat to show off,”  according to visiting assistant professor Kevin Kniffin and lead author of the study. “Instead of a feat of strength, it’s a feat of eating.”

This is War

It is thought that by stuffing their faces, men are showing that “they possess extraordinary skills, advantages, and/or surplus energy in degrees that are superior to other men.”
“Conspicuous consumption of food is a much less dramatic ‘risk’ than, say, going off to the front lines of war, but research on the effects of obesity nonetheless show overeating to constitute risky behaviour,” added the study authors.

Another conclusion drawn from the study is that the expanded appetite is to show off their physical fitness – which may seem an odd conclusion to draw from a pizza binge.
Mr Kniffin said that it was a paradoxical tactic on how to impress women given that overeating in this manner is more than likely going to produce a body shape that research shows are viewed as unattractive to females.

Victory is a Must

The researchers say that engaging in risky or unhealthy behaviour is a trait of masculinity and demonstrates an extraordinary ability to tolerate challenges, even self-inflicted ones. This is something we say all the time though and is not at all hard to believe. When a man sets his sight on a particular female target, many attempts will be made to get to the bullseye.

As expected though, the women in the study did not feel the need to gorge in order to impress the opposite sex. Their eating habits stayed the same, no matter which gender they were dining with. However, they did say that they felt “rushed” when they ate with a man, and thought that they ate more because of it but there was no evidence to support this idea,

All you men out there take heed and be on alert. You may have an innate to eat more when trying to find many ways as to how to impress women, so make sure you keep an eye on the food consumption and just check to make sure that you can still see your belt buckle when you look down at the dinner table.

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