There’s Always Room for Relationship Advice

There’s Always Room for Relationship Advice

We bring you 10 pieces of relationship advice to help you strengthen that bond with the special someone in your life   1. Always Remember Fun Immaturity can be such a crucial ingredient in a successful relationship. Being able to be playful with each other and not being afraid to laugh at yourself is healthy […]

Save your relationship

Save Your Relationship Writing A love Letter TO YOU

You are an important part of your relationship and sometimes if you want to save your relationship, write yourself a love letter.   Relationships will always face challenges and sometimes, for whatever reason, you are not always able to depend on someone else to save your relationship. This is why it is so important that you […]

Save a relationship

The Answer to How to Save a Relationship May Lie in Evolution

A new research article suggests the human brain has been designed to rebound from past heartbreak so there’s always a chance to save a relationship. “Our review of the literature suggests we have a mechanism in our brains designed by natural selection to pull us through a very tumultuous time in our lives,” said Brian […]

I Don’t Know How to Forgive Her for Cheating

I Don’t Know How to Forgive Her for Cheating

One of the most difficult things any man may have to face in a relationship is infidelity. The question that comes following this is how do I forgive her for cheating. It’s never expected or easily accepted that women are sometimes just as likely to cheat as men are. Right or wrong, we still live […]

Hinge Dating App

Hinge Dating App is Better for Starting Relationships

Just as the ‘swipe-right/swipe-left’ culture of popular dating apps was destroying romance, most users of the Hinge dating app are actually after relationships rather than casual hook-ups. The dating app Hinge surveyed 1,500 of its existing users and the survey found that only 2% stated that they just wanted casual ‘hook-ups’, whereas 63% were looking for […]


Five Steps to Improving Relationships

Improving relationships are challenging and it’s supposed to be. Even the best connections will require effort but the good thing is, where love is involved, that effort is very much welcomed. Some people believe in soul mates and will wait a long time to find the right one for them but even then you’ll still […]

When Last Did You Stop and Smell The Roses

When Last Did You Stop and Smell The Roses

According to scientists the ability to stop and smell the roses is fading as roses losing their scent because consumers want better-looking blooms   In nature, everything has a purpose. It’s only when we see the world from our own limited perspectives that things seem redundant. Like the natural smell of a rose for instance. It’s […]

Be a better partner

It’s Time to Be a Better Partner

There will always be many ways for you to be a better partner but here’s a simple one to start with. When you really look into things, your relationships with others are a support structure. If you wonder from time to time how you can be a better partner, or be a better friend, it’s […]