Feeling Like it is Better Not to Marry My Girlfriend

Recently, I’m starting to feel like it is better not to marry my fiancee. I proposed a couple of months ago and she happily accepted. Recently, however, it feels like everything I do and say is wrong and we haven’t made love in weeks.

Her sister says that all women go through that “cold feet” stage before a wedding, but this is more than that. If I’m honest, my girl actively seems to hate my guts. A few weeks ago it was our anniversary, so I booked a room in a romantic hotel.

I organised champagne and room service, but she couldn’t have been less interested if she tried. She huffed that the room was too hot, the champagne wasn’t her favourite brand and she didn’t fancy anything off the room service menu. What do you think is going on?

Well, without knowing your fiancee personally, it wouldn’t really be fair to say definitively what is going on here but sometimes, you do have to trust your gut. You suggest that maybe she hates your guts. Hate is probably too strong a word in this situation but there certainly seems to be a shift in the way she feels or maybe she is only now revealing her true feelings.

It is probably better not to marry her at the moment given how things are. Was she like this before the proposal? The other question is, why would she say yes if she is now acting in a way that says no?

Many questions need to be answered and that is our recommendation here….communicate. The both of you need to sit down and talk through what’s happening. Be mindful not to approach it in a confrontational way as this might make her defensive. Ensure that she feels comfortable enough to completely be honest with you without any repercussions and I am sure you will be able to get to the bottom of what is happening.